The Advanced Driver/Rider Route

You have taken the first steps to becoming an Advanced Driver or Rider. So what happens next?

  • You may have attended as a guest at one of our group meetings, seen us at an event, or perhaps had an assessment drive or ride.
  • Complete the group membership Application and pay your £20 subscription to the group and you will become an Associate Member. This is an annual subscription which must be paid to remain a member of the group.
  • You will now be entitled to attend the monthly meetings held at the Miners Welfare Hall at Garforth and any social or training events, free driving or riding tuition and receive the quarterly group magazine “Torque” by email.
  • The car or bike training officer will contact you and organise a pre-course assessment (PCA) drive or ride with himself or an Advanced Tutor.
  • You will be allocated to a group tutor who will give you the free “Roadcraft” and “Highway Code” books and organise your training programme. We advise training sessions every week or two with practice between but your tutor will be able to advise on the training programme suitable for you.
  • Once the required standard is reached, you will undergo a pre-test assessment (PTA) drive or ride by the car or bike training officer or Advanced Tutor and advised if further training is required or the standard to take the RoSPA Advanced Driver or Rider test has been reached.
  • If you are ready for the test you can apply for membership to RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders. Current fees are shown on their website and include the cost of the test. You will be contacted by a RoSPA examiner who will be a serving or ex-police advanced driver and/or rider and arrange a mutually agreed time, date and location for the test to be conducted.
  • Membership of RoSPA Advanced drivers and Riders is separate from the West Yorkshire group and annual subscription of £40 must also be paid to RoSPA. This will entitle you to a free triennial retest, the RoSPA bi-monthly magazine, Care on the Road, and discounts from RoSPA Benefits.
  • Passing the Advanced Driver or Rider Test means you will also become a Full Member of the West Yorkshire Group and also continue to pay the group subscriptions.
  • As a full member we suggest you maintain your standard or improve with more improver or refresher training sessions.
  • You can become a Group Approved Tutor by passing a group internal course.
  • You can advance further, by training to be an Advanced Tutor and taking a further RoSPA test. You could also train further at your own expense to RoSPA Level 3 Award in Advanced Driver/Rider Coaching. .

Good luck on your journey into becoming a safer, legal and smoother driver or rider with West Yorkshire RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders.