Motorcycle Section

Soon after joining the Group, the new member (Associate) has a Pre Course Assessment (PCA) conducted by either the Motorcycle Training Officer or the Deputy Motorcycle Training Officer, following which they are allocated to a tutor who oversees their regular training.

In addition to their allocated tutor training, Associates are encouraged to attend the Open Training sessions where they have the opportunity to ride and receive feedback from other members of the Tutorial Team.  The Open Training sessions are also available to those members of the Group who have already taken and passed their test (Improvers) but wish to continue to develop/maintain their skills or move on to the Tutor Training Programme.

The motorcycle section begins ‘official’ Open Training in March through to October (obviously weather dependent), there are also ad-hoc sessions through the winter if the weather is conducive to safe motorcycle riding.

Once the season commences, Open Training sessions are arranged by the Motorcycle Training Officer or deputy and invites are sent to members of the section by email. These sessions happen at least twice a month, or more often if there is enough tutor availability.

The Motorcycle Section also organises a number of one day social rides throughout the season open to members or friends of members, as well as longer multi-day trips in the UK or Europe, these have proved to very successful and popular.

You can download a pdf of the 2024 programme.WYG Rospa Bike Schedule 2024