Any person holding a full licence may apply to join the group and there is no minimum period between passing the driving or riding test and joining the group. Membership categories are:

Associate member

New joiners to the group and those who have not passed the RoSPA Advanced Test. The Associate annual member subscription is £20.00 with an additional one-off charge of £15.00 for those joining motorcycle section to cover the cost involved for motorcycle tuition.

New members will receive copies of the latest version of Roadcraft (relevant to the section you are joining), and a copy of The Highway Code. If you are taking motorcycle tuition, you will also receive a RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders branded high visibility vest for use during your training sessions.

Full member

All who have passed the RoSPA Advanced Test become full members of the Group. The annual subscription is £20.00. For those who wish to renew their membership the fee will be reduced to £16 if paid before or at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the relevant year. This annual subscription can be paid by standing order.

Social member

Any individual who wishes to participate in the Group but has not taken and does not intend to take the RoSPA Advanced Test. Members in this category may remain members of the Group provided they continue to pay the appropriate fees to the Group. They do not pay a subscription to RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders.

Membership Application

You can now access and complete the application form electronically, by printing a pdf or by request. You should read and retain the IMPORTANT INFORMATION on page 2.

  1. Access a word application form to electronically complete using your software here. Ensure you download and complete then email to our Treasurer (email address is on the form).
  2. Access a PDF application form to complete by hand here. Ensure you download and print and then complete. Then post or scan & email to our Treasurer (postal address is in the form).
  3. You can request a paper copy by emailing, or texting 07756 576315 with your details or complete the contact request here.


Mr P J Stirk,

WYG-RoADAR Treasurer,

21 Sherriff Lane,


BD16 3EN





Peter Stirk Group Treasurer

Annual subscriptions run from 1st January but anyone joining after 21 September will not pay a subscription for the following year. Payment can be made by cheque payable to West Yorks RoSPA Advance Drivers Assoc and posted with the application to the treasurer. All payments can also be made direct to the group account by bank transfer.

A reduced annual subscription from £20 to £16 will apply to all existing members renewing and paying at or before the January AGM.

Sort Code: 05-00-90

Account Number: 54352992

Please include your full name in the reference field.

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders Membership

We encourage our members to continue training and take the Advanced driving or riding test for which there is a fee. The fees start from £51.67 plus VAT depending on the category into which you fall. On passing your advanced test, you will automatically become a member of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders. Your first year’s membership is included in your initial test fee, the subsequent annual subscription is currently £40.00. Paying this also entitles you to a re-test every three years with no further charge.

This subscription fee is separate from your annual membership fee for RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders West Yorkshire.