About Us

Hello and welcome to our website.

Our previous chairman, Mike Suggitt stepped down from the role at the start of January 2023 and I was nominated to take over the position. I have been a member of RoSPA since 2009 and a committee member for over a decade. I started assisting another group member by serving refreshments when the group meetings still took place at the police college, Bishopgarth at Wakefield, and I took over the role gradually and added selling group merchandise.

As a committee member I have chaired committee meetings when Mike was not available and acted as secretary taking the minutes on occasion, not to mention keeping the teas, coffees and biscuits coming at group nights.  First in to turn the water heater on and last out after the washing up.  So, as you can imagine I have had a proper grounding on how the group management works and a full understanding of the ins and outs.

My professional background is Quality Management and Mechanical Engineering, so I am no stranger to policies, procedures and paperwork.  I joined West Yorkshire group, as many others have, progressing from a local IAM group not too far away with a green pass (bronze). I have been an Advanced Motorcycle Tutor for several years.

Group membership fluctuates at around two hundred with a mix of both car and motorcycle members and we pride ourselves on the high standard of training we offer to drivers and riders. If you are looking to become safer on the roads, then consider joining us. Come along to one of our group meetings, the dates can be found on our website, and get a feel for what we are about, you have nothing to lose and are guaranteed a free brew and a biscuit.

Jon Taylor – Chairman


The Group was founded in 1987 as the West Yorkshire Group of the RoSPA Advanced Drivers’ Association and became a registered charity in 1990 (no. 702531). It is run by the committee, which consists of up to fourteen members who are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The committee currently meets eight times a year. The motorcycle section began in mid-2009 and still remains a thriving and integral part of the Group.

Here’s what some of our members had to say.

“My qualification as a RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclist, has allowed me to become a rider for the charity Whiteknights Blood Bikes. I now collect and deliver urgent supplies in the area thereby helping to save lives”  Andy

“The advanced driving sessions made me a safer and better driver and I also feel more confident. My tutor was very patient. It is our duty to continually improve our driving standard and make the roads safer”  Juliet

(Juliet recently passed her triennial retest)

“I drive around the country frequently for work, and I see this as an extension of my professional skillset. I’m not a professional driver, but I aspire to professional driving standards. RoSPA took me on a deep dive into the mechanics of developing Roadcraft in a friendly, approachable and down to earth way.”  James

“It’s been over 30 years since my last driving lesson and I had picked up a lot of bad habits. I decided to try and improve my driving so RoSPA was the natural choice. I am well prepared with my free Roadcraft and Highway Code.”  Glenn

(Glenn recently passed his advanced driving test.)

“Since joining RoSPA, I have improved my driving in leaps and bounds. From basic improvements in awareness and anticipation to the system of car control, I feel more in control when on the road.” Suhail

(Suhail recently passed his advanced driving test)

“I recently decided to join RoSPA to engage with the principles of advance driving. I am looking forward to taking part in the training sessions and learning new skills.”  Matthew

(Matthew recently passed his advanced driving test)