We are a local group of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Advanced Drivers and Riders. We share an interest in driving and riding; good driving and riding, driving and riding that is not frightening, embarrassing or boring.

The concept of Advanced Driving does not aim to encourage faster driving but rather safer and smoother vehicle control.
Fleetcraft: The Essential Occupational Driver’s Handbook, 2007

The concept of Advanced Riding is to improve the skill and safety of your riding so that you can make the best use of road and traffic conditions.
Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider’s Handbook to Better Motorcycling, 1996

The start

Members are full licence holders. Some joined years after passing their L test. Others joined soon after passing it. This gave them the advantage of reinforcing what they’d recently learned, the opportunity to build on it, and the chance to prevent the development of bad habits.

Bad habits might save time and effort but they rarely save lives or win praise. Once developed, they can be difficult to eradicate. Problems eventually arise which can be expensive—mentally, physically and financially. Owning a car or motorcycle is expensive already. Good habits can make the difference between hit or miss.

The reason

Some people joined out of dissatisfaction with their driving or riding; they looked for a better way. Some joined in an attempt to keep up to date. Some joined confident that their driving or riding was good (they were to be surprised). Others joined out of curiosity.

All had something to learn; all could improve; all did improve.

The benefit

All found that tuition, practice and attention to detail raised their standard. As a result, driving or riding became easier and less stressful—less stressful not only for them but for their passengers. (Passengers used to being thrown around in cars often mistakenly attribute the smoothness of the ride to the make of the vehicle rather than to the skill of the driver.)

Driving and riding affects us all. We are all road users. Find out more about the West Yorkshire Group. Treat yourself or someone else to a year’s membership.

Why not join us?